Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Having a good time is key to networking success!

Over the almost six years that Fryday has been around plenty of questions have been raised regarding professional activities and structured networking within the communities. Should people have nametags? Should Fryday organize speed networking? Should guests be divided into groups based on interests and industries?

Fryday have avoided doing that and discovered a few key features for successful networking. People must have a good time and feel relaxed when networking.  The more social character of the events the more successful they become.

Surely the guests have to take some initiative on their own for this to happen but the guests who do act proactively and aim for a good time while also giving positive attention to other guests will without a doubt be the ones who always enjoy themselves while at the same time achieving any or many of their professional goals, that are most likely about creating professional relationships.

When Fryday build an international networking community for expats and locals in Madrid, Spain, the idea of having a good time will be in focus.

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