Saturday, March 25, 2017

A One Minute Read - How To Build And Maintain A Strong Network!

If you keep these four techniques up you will build a strong and large network of professionals – and it will continue to grow and strengthen over time.
  1. Make a lasting impression
    Introduce yourself properly to new people and say something positive or funny that makes people remember you.
  2. Always get back to people you met
    Drop them an email a few days after you met and say it was nice to meet them and it will be nice to stay in touch.
  3. Continue to add new people to your network whenever you can
    Never miss a chance to connect with new people. They are out there and you meet them in most of your daily activities such as work, conferences and social activities.
  4. Stay in touch with people
    Reach out to people you know on a regular basis. Let them know about what you are doing, post useful information online and always say hello and small talk a bit when you see them.

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